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Thank you for considering Atlantic Land Title NC. An “owner’s policy” for title insurance is optional, but the cost to insure your equity is truly nominal. Not doing that would be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Therefore, we highly advise that everyone purchase an owner’s policy.

Title insurance insures the title of your land over defects that could not be determined by an ordinary and even diligent title exam by your attorney. Our agency’s experience speaks volumes, with over 68 years of title experience in NC. We are led by Keith Calder, a second-generation title attorney. We are eager to help you, just let us know your needs.

We would like you to please fill out this form so that we can officially be your choice to help you. Please print out this FORM, complete, sign and date this form, and then give it to your attorney prior to closing. Please fill in “Atlantic Land Title Agency, Inc.”, or “Attorney’s choice” in the blank where you name with whom you would like to do business. It is YOUR choice. Thank-you for your consideration and please call if you have any questions.

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