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Atlantic Land Title Agency
Atlantic Land Title Agency

We make it easy for you to find the resources you need for land title
insurance in North Carolina.

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Meet Your Expert Title Agent Keith Calder

We are an experienced land title agency with over 68 years of personal service here in North Carolina, led by Keith Calder, a second-generation title attorney. “My 25 years in the trenches as a closer myself puts me in the position to know what you need and when, and to be able to properly prioritize by work for you”, says Calder.

Thank you for choosing Atlantic Land Title NC. Many people often do. Our well-trained, efficient staff is ready to help right away. Our customers will tell you about our experienced, personal service on every single client and policy we handle, providing it promptly and efficiently.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us.

“I value and appreciate the years of knowledge you bring to the table and you provide history and insight into properties which competitors lack! It is always a pleasure to do business with you and your company!”


“I’ve worked with Keith and his team since I began practicing law in North Carolina and they are always knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and fast in taking care of my needs.”



“They always go the extra mile for me to help find a prior policy, or at least somethings we can work from which to update. Thanks Keith, you guys are great to work with!”



“Atlantic Land Title is our go-to agency because we know we will get prompt, efficient and pleasant service from them every time, plus, they’ve done this work for decades and already know what’s needed.”


“One of the many things I like about working with Atlantic Land Title NC is that Keith usually answers the phone himself, always ready to put out any fires I have, and can get things running smoothly for me.”


Our experience speaks!

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